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Your investment property should make you profit not give you stress

We market your property, manage your bookings and provide you better results

Get a free evaluation on how much your property should be making

How it Works

Get More Bookings

World class marketing, 24/7 support and rate setting based on industry data make you stand out. We handle all of this and more.

Enjoy Lower Fees

Our fresh approach helps us keep fees lower than most - and our management fee is backed by our Risk-Free Guarantee.

Find Flexibility

We don't limit personal stays - and we're so confident Tilah Properties will work for you that we don't hold you to a long term commitment.

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  • How does Tilah Properties work?
    Tilah Properties is a vacation rental management company that will turn your property into a succesful short term rental. We handle your marketing, bookings, customer support and keeping your investment in optimal shape. When you choose us: you get world class support, a marketing team and peace of mind.
  • How do I know my property is a fit for Tilah Properties?
    Your rental must meet some basic standards like safety, be guest ready and have approval from your city. The best part about Tilah Properties is that if you are not quite there yet we can help you through the process! Allow our support team to help set you up for success.
  • What are your fees?
    Tilah Properties has a commission based pricing structure where we only make money when you do, keeping us motivated to maximize your rental income. At the moment our management fee is 20% of profit and NOT revenue! Most management companies charge from revenue which leaves you with less profit. Our fresh approach to vacation rental management - and with no contract to tie you down - means you get unbeatable performance with no downside or commitment.
  • How do you price our Short Term Rental?
    To help maximize your earnings, our team will start by performing an in-depth review of comparable rental properties in your area. Our dynamic pricing software will then continue to adjust your rates on a daily basis by accounting for a huge number of factors including occupancy, seasonality and fluctuations in demand.
  • Can I still enjoy my vacation home for personal use?
    Of course! You're free to let us know when you want to block the calendar for personal use at any time as long as your property isn't already booked during your desired dates. However, if you're planning to rent out your home for a few weeks each year, our service might not be the best fit for you.
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